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30 August 2009 @ 08:39 pm
welcome to club suju 4/?  

Title: Welcome to Club Suju

Group: Korean boy group, Super junior

Pair: hankyung/Sungming, heechul/? + more coming up. 

Author: Hirachan       

Rate: PG for now, may go up later

Summary: Set in Osaka Japan, Hankyung falls in love with someone from a famous host club. How far will he go to get noticed? Or he will be cruelly thrown aside for profits and fame?

Chap: 4/?



For other chapters please visit my LJ account, it’s all posted there. Please enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment!



Author’s note: This chapter is unbeta-ed since I am still looking for a beta! Please offer if you can.


Hankyung collapses on the kitchen tiles exhausted. It’s been 4 hours but he finally managed to clean up the mess the club was in considering there were buckets of old vomit stuffed into broom closets. He found out when he stepped into one while reaching for a third mop. From the looks of it, the person had chicken as he could see chunks of it floating on the top.


Leeteuk struggles a smile of encourage from his corner, he was absolutely drained from last night but he couldn’t afford the luxury of going home like the others. He had to overlook Hankyung’s first time working at the club, as he couldn’t afford to trust him alone in it yet. Lighting another cigarette he attempts to push back the sleep that he desperately needed but fails. Drifting off, the last thing he notices is Hankyung covering him with a jacket.


Hankyung looks around the club as he finish rinsing off the glasses, minus the mess and the people the club looks very stylish even to the point of classy. However this was an illusion as in reality Club Suju is a host club, created to leech of women’s money no matter their age or occupation. Although his new owner is surprising nice regardless of his occupation and from the looks of it Hankyung is pretty sure the Yakuza doesn’t employ slight men with blonde hair in tight pants, unless they expect their assassins to kill victims with leather and hair spray.


Kangin enters the club’s back entrance, cursing the flu that has prevented his appearance at the club for 3 days. He prayed that his customers would understand, he wanted that new jacket that is at Men’s 96. He waited all morning for his beloved Leeteuk to stumble home into their apartment then into their bed. However his waiting was in vain, automatically he runs to the club cursing the members that probably locked him inside, too wasted off their heads to notice. Bursting through the doors he freezes as he notices a stranger leaning over his darling mummy, letting out a massive roar he flings Hankyung to the side.


Leeteuk wakes to shouts of ‘Rapist’, ‘impure my beloved mummy’ and several more high pitched screams of rapist that he recognises as Kangin’s. After a blank moment, he wipes the drool off his mouth, pushes the dreams of Kim Chi noodles aside and jumps in to rescue Hankyung’s corpse. After multiple attempts of breaking up the fight and threatening Kangin with no sex, misunderstandings was pushed aside with Kangin sulking in the corner and Leeteuk fixing Hankyung’s injuries.


‘For the last time, I am NOT cheating on you, you insecure wiener’

‘But but…’

‘No buts! Remember last time?! You resorted to humping pillows because you didn’t get any for 2 weeks’  


Turning away and attempting to block out the conversation behind him, it’s obvious to Hankyung these 2 were in a relationship. Kangin was the opposite to Leeteuk who radiated rainbows and sunshine. After their fight he was someone Hankyung did not want to piss off, despite being a black belt in Chinese karate he did not want to hit a club senior. He needed this job.


‘It’s settled then?’


‘stop sulking. Stop. Stop. STOP’

‘I’m sorry…can we still have sex?’

‘It’s settled then Hankyung! Since your good looking and the club’s business is quickly expanding. You won’t be cleaning in the morning anymore, you’ll join us during the night and clean as we go. Prepare yourself and get heaps of sleep for tonight!’


Fuck. Hankyung was hoping he could avoid seeing Sungmin again.