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superjr_slash's Journal

Super Junior slash Goodness!^^
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This community is dedicated to only slash parings of SuperJunior(슈퍼주니어).

Super_Junior(슈퍼주니어) are Korean favorite band group with 13members. So having many options of paring them, please use your creative mind and make many parings.

This community do not want a normal (male X female) parings. You may have them in minor parings, or ex-relationships.

*Guideline for fanfictions*

When you are writing a fanfiction please use LJ-Cut.
And make sure you check your grammar error.

The head line for the fanfictions you will post would be like-

Chapter: [If it is more than one chapter.]
Warning(s):[If it is necessary]

-Please use them, it will be much easier for everyone.-

*Guideline for post a comment*

Please do not leave any flame. I do not want any of them. PLEASE BE KIND TO EACH OTHER AND RESPECT THEM AS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED.

*Post anything else*

If you want to post a request, please feel to do so.
If you have any news about SuperJunior(슈퍼주니어), than feel free to do so.
If you want to post a fanpic, than feel free to do so. But please use same guideline for fanfiction.


Please use tag.
When you are posting a fanfic or fanpic, please use the tag. It will be much easier to find fanfics that way. Make sure you use them with "/". [EX: HeeChul/Kibum, (insert name here)/(insert name here)]

When you are posting a news about SuperJunior(슈퍼주니어), please use a "news" tag.
When you are posting a request, please use a "request" tag.
When you are posting a fanfiction, pleas use a "fanfic" tag, and if it is fanpic; use a "fanpic" tag.

That is all. Please respectful to others and enjoy the superjr_slash! ^__^\
If you have any more question, please contact hotguys_freak