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05 November 2010 @ 08:14 pm
The Taste of Eunhyuk - Chapter 1  
Title:  The Taste of Eunhyuk
Band: Super Junior
Pairings: Everyone/Eunhyuk (that means kihyuk, haehyuk, kyuhyuk, heehyuk, etc...)
Genre: Romance, SMUT
Chapter: 1/?
Warnings Only minor stuff BUT it will get NC-17 in the future
Summary: Xiah comes over and starts adimring Eunhyuk and, without realising it, tempts the other members of Super Junior for a taste of their own Eunhyuk
Disclaimer: Well, duh i don't own them... If I did Donghae would spear tackle Hyujae and have crazy monkey love for everyone to see and I'd bring Kibummie back

Comments: Dedicated to
aznxbabiix76 for being awesome!

Eunhyuk clutched at the raven's shirt a little bit tighter.  The invading tongue edging his along a bit more. The hand up his shirt massaging his chest, being a bit more forceful.
His vision blurring as the other stroked 'that spot' a little bit faster.  He honestly had no idea why THIS was happening. Why any of it was happening. He was absolutely clueless.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- 2 weeks earlier-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It all began a couple weeks ago. Everything was good. They were talking, laughing...All normal. They were in the dorm's bedroom.

Heechul was practically sitting in KangIn's lap, not paying any real attention to Siwon, Sungmin and Ryeowook who were engrossed in a conversation. Something about hairspray and sandwiches. Lastly were Donghae and Eunhyuk. They were seeing who could finish their block of chocolate first.

The two were stuffing their faces non-stop until one of the shouted out.

"Finished!" Donghae cheered and pointed to his empty mouth while Eunhyuk sat pouting, now only nibbling on the remaining half he had.

He mumbled out, "You always win." And placed his left over chocolate on the blanket.

"Hyuuuukiiiieeeee ~" They turned to the door frame where Leetuk and Xiah were. Hiccupping slightly with a light tint on their cheeks. "Hyuuuuuuukiiiiiiiieeee!" Xiah stumbled over to them and instantly collapsed behind Eunhyuk.

"Imma bit dizzy" He laughed and wrapped his arms around his close friend from behind. "You're veryyyyyyy pretty, hyuukie"

"W-Wha?" He turned his head to see his bloodshot eyes. "Junsu! Stop teasing, you're drunk!"

"But you are pre~tty." Eunhyuk's breath hitched when he felt a pair of soft lips latch onto his neck.

"X-Xiah!" He gasped. He tried looking at the others for some sort of help when the other tipped his neck to the side. "S-Stop."

Meanwhile all the spectators seemed transfixed at the scene in front of them. It was as if they were frozen by the expressions their friend was expressing. One of Xiah's hands was stroking Eunhyuk's stomach while the other was holding his head in place.

His breathing became shallow when the sucking, more or less, turned into biting. "J-Junsu...W-What a-are you-mnghhhahh."   

Eunhyuk opened his eyes to still see the others. Just starring as he was practically molested in front of their eyes.  

But the second he felt a hand slip underneath his pants his eyes widened and he lurched himself away from his 'friend'.  His clothes were dishelved, revealing a large portion of his cream shoulders. He was panting and his face was almost covered red.

"Mnnnn Hyuukiee looks cute when he blushes."  And Xiah fell face first onto the mattress, sound  asleep.

His blush intensified and glanced a look at his band members. He didn't know what to say, he was too embarrassed to speak. "Ahh-Excuse me." He backed up away from the intense stares to hit something hard and warm.

Turning around, he instantly recognised Kibum standing in the way.

'Did Kibum just growl?'  Without having time to think about it, his lips were smashed against the taller ravens.  His eyes shot open and he tried to push the other away, to find himself suddenly released.

"You do taste good." Kibum smirked and waited for the onslaught. Almost automatically, the others all leaped up for a sample and Eunhyuk was out before you could say 'bonamana'
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